Aerial services

  • Aerial installations.
  • Repairs, upgrades, service & STORM DAMAGE
  • Extra Tv points. (Multiroom for any service be it Sky, Freeview, Freesat and CCTV)
  • Freeview recorder supply and install (with our own free printed instructions).
  • Aerial removal & dispose
  • Tv Tuning, Set up, Rewires
  • Diagnostics and Reception issues.
  • OAP help (Like providing them with a simple BIG Button remote)!

If its not listed then get in touch, we will always endeavour to help you with your requirements.

Aerials For TV (Freeview)

Freeview TV (Digital) requires a rooftop aerial, sizes and type depend on where you live and how strong the signal is in your area, a portable indoor aerial (like the one above) is often tried first but rarely works , the reason being is that the signal needs to come through walls and various obstuctions before reaching the aerial thus reception problems are inevitable.

For trouble free viewing a rooftop aerial should be your first consideration.

Once installed a Digital TV signal is very versatile, just plug the cable into any flat screen TV with built in Freeview or Freeviw box and you get access to 50 Tv channels including main channels and more in HD!

For more information about the Freeview service please click here

Our Aerials have been tried and tested and the ones we use are built to last and have proven to show the best performance, As well as using bracketry and masts that will not rust, a new system from us will last many many years.

You can also have as many TV points as you like,(Multiroom) from 1 to 16 or more, its all possible, and every Tv will work independently from each other so you do not have to watch the same channel in all rooms!

Other Multiroom options are available, if you have an idea what services you would like just get in touch, we will be happy to advise.

For advise on Reception problems with your TV click here















The Log periodic aerial we have installed in many parts of Brighton

Radio Aerials

Dab and Fm aerials are a must for hi fi enthusiasts and music lovers alike, Like Tv Aerials the strength and type depend on where you live, with FM we will always recommend a directional type (not the round circle type) this will ensure more signal and less interference.

Its true that Fm gives a warmer bassy sound but DAB gives you more channels, having both is the answer!

Radio aerials can be combined within your exisiting Tv wiring so no more cables would need to be installed!
















Directional FM aerial Installation in Brighton