Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet - for areas where fibre won't go - (Not Spots)

At last,a reliable Internet service that you can receive just about anywhere! where fibre won't go, Satellite will, you just need a dish and a modem, choose your package and surf the net to your hearts content.

Broadband Anywhere. No Phone Line Required.

As long as you are within the service footprints and have somewhere to install our dish with a clear view of the southern sky you can get the broadband service. The service is compatible with any computer that has a network connection and by using a router you can even share the service with multiple computer and have WIFI.

We use Tooway, Europe's leading providers of satellite services,- a free site survey will be arranged to determine which service is suitable and the site of the dish,an exact quote will be left.



Satellites offer a "high-speed, high-latency" connection due to the distance of the satellites from the earth. The high latency may result in some webpages taking longer to appear and may affect some applications such as gaming and VPNs.

For surfing the net and watching youtube, on demand etc the Broadband service is upto 20mbps, this is more than enough for most applications but for online gaming which require instant access or clicking multiple links on a page in succession this service may not be suitable, having said that if your used to 1mbps or less like most folk in not spot areas then the Satellite broadband service is normally a great relief!

Please contact us to arrange a FREE site survey.

A Satellite internet install in Sheffield Park