Freeview TV

Freeview TV

Freeview Lite

If you are only experiencing around half the channel line up this may be because you are in an area that only has a local transmitter, If you want all the channels we can visit to check whether your existing aerial or a new install can get all the channels from a MAIN transmitter.

Freeview TV

Freeview offers up to 50 TV channels, and 24 radio stations plus 4 HD channels. In fact most of the nation’s favourite programmes are available free on these channels.

Over 95% of the most watched programmes are available subscription-free on Freeview.

Not only is Freeview the simple way to enjoy 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations, you can also record your favourite TV with a Freeview plus TV recorder or watch four HD channels for free with Freeview HD. Find out which is right for you below.

Getting Freeview is straightforward as all new flat screen TVs come with Freeview built-in.  Add a Freeview+ recorder for more control over your TV viewing. For the best experience get Freeview HD for stunning picture quality on the big four channels. For info regarding aerials click here

Can I get Freeview in my area?

98.5% of the UK population can receive Freeview, also we have never had a customer after switchover that we couldnt get it for.



Recordable Freeview box (PVR) 

With Freeview plus you can record and watch other programmes at the same time, including HD, we offer a range of boxes that we can come and install with your current systerm and then give a full demonstration getting you up to speed.

if you used to record onto VHS but now find that is not an option since swtchover then you need one of these boxes, or if your fed up with tapes and timers and messing around with discs then these really are the all in one solution.

We also offer on demand Freeview boxes such as You View, this will allow you to 'go back in time' and choose selected programmes up to a week ago, these need connecting to your broadband but that can all be set up as well.

All in one box!